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Blaupunkt CD Changers:

Blaupunkt Technology Innovations that set Blaupunkt Receivers apart from the rest.

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10-Disc CD Changer
Compatible with all 1996, 1997 & 1998 Blaupunkt Aftermarket Changer-Controlling Receivers (adapter cables not included)

Blaupunkt CDC-A08

  • Supports Blaupunkt Receiver's Changer Control for; Track/Disc Up/Down, Cue/Review, Track/Disc Scan, Track/Disc Repeat, Mix 1 & 2, Disc Naming, Disc Select-By-Name, Disc List, & Track Program Memory*
  • Advanced Anti-Shock & Anti-Vibration Suspension
  • 1-Bit Delta Sigma Digital-to-Audio Converter
  • Horizontal and Vertical mounting
* Includes additional features not listed.
------------------------your cost:$228.95

Compact 6-Disc CD Changer
For use with any Electronically-Tuned Radio

Blaupunkt CDC-RF6ir

  • Includes Changer, Wired Commander with Infrared Eye, Wireless Infrared Remote Control, FM Modlulator, Disc Magazine
  • Disc and Track Select, Scan Disc and Track Mix, Repeat, Audible Cue/Review, Pause/Play, Switchable Output Frequency: 89.1 mHz/88.7 mHz
* Includes additional features not listed.
------------------------your cost:$248.95

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