Blaupunkt Technological Innovations

Codem III-US Tuner
Incredible performance in a tuner designed specifically for the American markets. Included in all "3 Series" and "5 Series" models. Typified by its true FM Sensitivity rating of 13 dBf, the new Blaupunkt Codem III-US tuner automatically provides exceptional tuner performance, whether in urban or rural areas, and regardless of mountain ranges or flat terrain. The Codem III-US Tuner sounds better than other car radios because Blaupunkt takes steps to address often-ignored characteristics:

V Signals - Minimizes noise, station fade-out, simultaneous reception of multiple stations, and other objectionable disturbances from undesired FM, AM and TV signals.
  Superior AM Frequency Response - Reproduces bass and mid-treble tones with fidelity similar to that of FM, making speech more understandable and music more enjoyable.

Direct Software Control Menu (DSC)
The DSC allows you to personalize your Blaupunkt 5 Series Receiver with up to 21 unique adjustable settings. These typically "set-it-and-forget-it" features are placed under a single MENU Button, leaving plenty of room on the face of the receiver for more frequently-accessed features.

Remote Control Convenience
Various remote control options are available for many Blaupunkt Receivers and CD Changers, giving you the convenience of control from the steering wheel, armrest, or elsewhere in the vehicle.

Auxiliary Input for Portalble Equipment
All units (except the Malibu and Orlando) have an auxiliary input for connecting portable audio equipment. A portable CD player can be added to a cassette receiver and a cassette player can be added to a CD receiver. True system flexibility.

Higher Power and Quality Preamp Outputs
More power means realistic sound that you experience...not simply hear. All Blaupunkt 3 Series units (except the Malibu) have 30 Watts × 4 Channel internal power to drive four speakers. Series 5 units have 34 watts per channel. To power additonal speakers, most outputs for connecting external amplifiers.

"5 Series" Convenience Features Include
  Tuner Timer - Automatically activates tuner and goes from any source to the desired station at the time you specify. You won't miss your favorite program again.
  Disc Select-by-Name - Your disc names are seen while selecting discs, when they are of the most value. No wating until after playback starts to see the name.
  Disc List - Review the names of the discs without leaving the currently-playing disc.
  Source Tone Memory - Store seperate bass, treble and loudness setting for CD, Cassette, Aux Input, FM and AM.
  Turn-On Message - Enter and activate a message of up to 40 characters that appears at turn-on.

Easy Installation
The Blaupunkt DIN/ISO chassis configuration permits installation in most Japanese, European and American vehicles. The ISO Block connector with integrated fuse simplifies wiring with three quick connections.

KeyCards with Smartcard
Memory chips prevent the receiver from operating without the card, and also store personalized receiver settings for each KeyCard holder.

PCxp ProComponent "Poly"
This line of coaxials uses acoustically insert, semi-transparent blue cones, with high power handling voice coils and magnet structures, and "easy" installs with front mount screw grilles. Great sound at a low price could'nt be easier.

PCxg ProComponent "Graphite"
This line uses graphite impregnated poly cones for more rigidity with less weight. Coupled with larger magnets and voice coil assemblies, and attractive hidden-screw grilles, their performance is unequaled at the price. In addition, PCwg subwoofers provide deep bass performance, and multi-enclosure capabilities that offer low end punch at moderate prices.

Coaxials, components, and subwoofers feature even larger magnet assemblies, aluminum injected cones, and dual voice coils on the larger coaxials, thus adding more bass from less space. ODc component speakers provide remarkable audio frequency response and imaging. The ODw cast basket subwoofers simply drive home a chunk of the audio spectrum never heard before!

Dual Voice Coil Subwoofers
DVC (Dual Voice Coil) subwoofers are a complimentary product to single coil subwoofers. Their benefit over a single coil woofer is simple: they produce more volume from a one speaker/box system with or without additional amplifiers.
The best use for a DVC speaker is in installations where you are trying to squeeze every decibel of sound out of a speaker without adding another woofer or enclosure. By adding a second voice coil on the same woofer, and driving it harder with another amplifier (or the same amp in a low impedance mode), you are able to move the cone further, creating higher sound pressure levels. A single DVC subwoofer in a properly-sized enclosure often provides deeper and more accurate bass response than two single coil woofers in enclosures that are too small. Amplifier power is inexpensive today and easy to install compared to a large subwoofer box. The DVC install is the answer.

Dual Coaxial Installation
In real music, mid and high frequencies typically require far less power to play as loud as the bass, usually only 1-10 watts. With most factory installed radios offering about 10-20 watts per channel capability, a natural installation would have the radio drive the full-range terminals and a supplementary subwoofer amplifier driving the subwoofer terminals. A dedicated 2×50 watt (rms) subwoofer amp with a crossover set at about 80 Hz (low-pass) nicely compements such a system and provides remarkably good overall performance. A DVC coax system will NEVER replace the performance of a decicated 12 inch woofer in a box, but it will offer bass response that a conventional coax will never be able to provide on its own. This is the best compromise for "more bass with less space."
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