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Innovative Single-DIN MD/CD-Compatible Receivers
Take advantage of today's two most popular digital audio formats with the world's only single-DIN receivers to feature the MC1 MD/CD-compatible mechanism. With a single pickup shared by both formats, a swing traverse mechanism with double spindles, and an automatic free-loading slot that lets you load either type of disc through the same slot, JVC's exclusive smart MC/CD-compatible mechanism lets you switch easily between MiniDiscs or Compact Discs. Since this single, uncomplicated structure is shared by both formats, there's plenty of room to use parts and components made of thicker, stronger materials, assuring the high level of structural rigidity you need for playback stability and a long service life. And, to make sure you get top-quality performance no matter how rouph the road, these receivers boast a full-floating mechanism incorporating an IED (injection elastomer damper) built to withstand levels of shock/vibration/heat more extreme than any you're ever likely to encounter.

BBE High Definition Sound
BBE sound processing is now available on JVC receivers. This exclusive system ensures that the sound you hear is as true to the original recording as possible. High frequencies are clearer, vocals are crisper, and low-frequency sound is tight and well-defined. By correcting the phase delay and distortion naturally generated by audio systems. BBE ensures that the sound that reaches your ears is as natural as the original sound.

Station/Disc Name Registration
When you enter the names of CDs inserted in the head unit or even radio station names, the unit will memorize them — making it much easier to identify the CD or radio station you want to hear.

40 W × 4 Output Power
Exclusive high-power ICs enable our entire lineup of JVC receivers to pump out high-power sound. Most of them boast incredible 40 W × 4 output power.

In-Car A/V System
By installing our in-car VCR and TV system with the KD-SX1000R A/V Control CD Receiver as the core unit, you can have fullfledged home theater system into your vehicle. All controls can be operated from the KD-SX1000R, so you can relax and enjoy the visual entertainment wherever you're sitting. Because the KD-SX1000R is equipped with CD changer control functions, CD Text capability, 2 pairs of luxury goldplated line output terminals and one pair of line input terminals, you can easily upgrade it to a total A/V system.

Built-In RDS Tuner
The KD-SX1000R's RDS (Radio Data System) tuner automatically switches to the appropriate station by detecting the station type. You can also assign station by detecting the station type. You can also assign station types to one-touch buttons for one touch access to the programming you want to hear.

Only available in areas where RDS signals are being broadcasted.

CD Text Capability
When a compatible receiver, CD Text capability displays disc information — such as the title of the disc and the name of the artist you're listening to. A CD Text-ready receiver displays data from CD Text- compatible CDs loaded in the CH-X1200 CD Changer, while a receiver that's fully compatible with CD Text can display the information from CDs in the unit itself, as well as those in the CD changer.

Rotary Encoder Multi-Control
Much more than a mere volume control, this multi-function control dial gives you precise, instant control over sound levels. When you press the SEL button located within the dial to enter the Preferred Setting Mode, the same dial gives you control over sound chracteristics and general settings. It also makes it easy to enter characteristics and for registering disc names or station names.
Sound Control
• Bass • Balance • Fader • Loudness
General Setting (Example)
• Clock • Level Meter Mode • Tuner Area • Dimmer • LCD Contrast

Audio Cruise Mode
To accomodate changes in your vehicle's speed and offset engine, wind and road noise, this exclusive JVC anti-noise acoustic control system automatically adjusts volume levels while you drive.

2 Pairs Of Gold-Plated Line Out Terminals
High-quality output terminals give you the flexibility to configure a high-grade in-car A/V system. The 4-V high output voltage for an external amplifier ensures a higher signal-to-noise ratio and wider dynamic range, while eliminating distortion at high volume levels. When an amp is connected, you can use the Amp Defeat Switch to eliminate even the mildest distortion by cutting off the current through the receiver's amp and suppressing heat.

Subwoofer Out Terminals
Low pass filter built into the KD-LX3 receiver can be connected to an amplifier with subwoofer exclusive terminals (monoaural). The circuit features cutoff frequency selectable from 60, 80 and 100 Hz and 10 boost levels to choose from, allowing total control over your subwoofers from the dash.

Line In Terminals
Line In terminals let you easily connect another sound source to your receiver. They also let you configure an in-car A/V system with the KZ-V10 Mobile VCR and KV-M65 Mobile Color Monitor Unit.

Front AUX IN Terminal
A front AUX IN terminal lets you easily connect another sound source to your receiver at anytime—even after installation. It also lets you configure an in-car A/V system with the KZ-V10 Mobile VCR and KV-M65 Mobile Color Monitor Unit.

Beep Tone Support
Beep Tone Support confirms operations with beep sounds to give you audio confirmation while driving.

Attractive Display Features
Models equipped with a Multi-Color LCD and Flip-Down Face feature a large, attractive display for easy information recognition. At night, the LCD display is dimmed automatically by the Dimmer so the glare won't bother you while driving. The convenient Contrast Control function lets you adjust the contrast to the most suitable level for the driver's position. When power is off, the Power Switch Standby Illumination indicated where the power key is located.

CFL Backlight / White LED Backlight
More than twice as bright as a conventional display, these new backlights greatly increase LCD visibility. Other benefits include reduced power consumption which reduces heat generation for greater durability and longer service life.

Thinner Detachable Control Panel
Many JVC receivers feature easy-to-remove control panels that you can detach and carry with you for security. All models with detachable control panels are provided with a convenient compact carrying case and, on some models, the thickness of the panel has been reduced to make them even easier to slip in your pocket or purse.

CD Changer Control
JVC changer control receivers boast versatile CD changer control via control panel or a remote. Controllable functions include Direct Disc Select, Track Skip, Search, 2-mode Random, Auto Endless Play.

CD Operation Features
The CD play features include; Skip tracks, Search for a certain track, Repeat a track (or an entire disc*), play tracks in Random order, or Intro Scan each track (or each disc*). Direct Track Access allows you to access any individual track quickly with the touch of a button.

* With changer control models.

For Clearer CD Reproduction
The 1-bit DAC (digital-analog converter) eliminates zero-crossing or sound distortion, so the fidelity is far greater than the resistance-ladder type DAC. Beams with 16-micron gaps from the 3-beam laser pickup assure exceptional focusing while the pickup's oil-dampened, rubber-encapsulated springs and specially designed pickup suspension protect the pickup system from road shocks. All components are made of heat resistant materials for greater durability.

ELKAMELEON Anti-Theft System
This innovative new anti-theft system is simple and hassle-free. While you're driving, the multi-color LCD's bright CFL backlight provides an attractive, easy-to-see display with illuminated operation keys sensibly laid out to provide easy access to all controls. Yet as soon as you turn off the ignition, the display disappears completely and the control panel slides back out of sight. Now completely flat and blank, the receiver's face blends with the surrounding surface of the console, making it almost impossible to tell that something is there. But that's not the only neat trick this unique system is capable of. When you insert or eject a disc, the control panel is retracted and the display is lowered to reveal a disc insertion slot, while the dispay indicates that a disc is being inserted/ejected.

Full Logic Mechanism
Most JVC cassette receivers are provided with a full logic mechanism which lets you control cassette operation with just a light tap on the keys. Other features include Blank Skip which automatically detects and skips over 10-second blank portions on the tape, and a smart auto-reverse function.

Multi Music Scan
By pressing the forward or rewind key as many times as you need, you can skip tunes (up to 9) and go straight to the song you want to hear.

Grooved EHP Head
The Extra-Hard Permalloy heads ensure better electrical performance and a longer service life. Dual-azimuth alignment reduces azimuth error, and grooves in the head reduce magnetic particle accumulation for enhanced tape-to-head contact.

Dolby B
Dolby B-type noise reduction reduces tape hiss noise to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, espcecially at high frequencies.

Metal Tape Compatibility
Provides playback equalization compatible with High -Position and Metal-Position tapes as well as normal tapes.

Tuner Noise Reduction
Most of our accurate, drift-free PLL synthesizer tuners feature JVC's exclusive HS-II tuner circuitry to eliminate undesirable noise caused by weak FM signals and suppress distortion caused by adjacent station interference. AFNS (Automatic FM Noise Suppressor) optimally balances channel signals using a high-cut filter, and PNC (Pulse Noise Canceller) cuts out interference noise and distortion caused by other vehicles' ignitions. SSM (Strong Station Sequential memory) automatically stores the 6 strongest stations for quick, easy access.

User-Friendly Features
COMPU PLAY lets you start up any sound source directly even from the power-off status by pressing a source button or inserting a disc or tape. Power-Off Mode Eject is convenient when you want to eject a disc or tape even when the ignition is off. with Sound Control Memory, you can enjoy preset equilization patterns (POP/BEAT/SOFT) or create your own customized sound patterns.

Easy Installation
JVC's DIN-size head units have been designed to make installation as simple as possible, featuring extra mounting holes for installation in various types of consoles. A side springless sleeve enables the unit to be securely attached to the chassis, while a detachable trim plate with reduced panel width allows front or rear mounting. An internally-mounted noise filter with no rear protrusion also makes installation easier.

Hybrid Pearl Olefin Cone
Hybrid Pearl Olefin is a unique new cone material that dramatically improves sound quality and design. In combination with vibration control material, the pearl olefin increases internal loss to get deep, solid tones, while the injection-molded design increases material strength for better propagation speed. A titanium dioxide coating gives these speakers a distinctive pearl blue appearance without affecting sound quality. The result is pure definitive sound that's better than ever.
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