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International Customers

If you are wanting to place an order outside of the United States, read this.

Audio online Outlet will ship a parcel anywere that UPS,Fed-EX, or the Post office will ship.
The most common shipping method is UPS Worldwide Expedited. Most shipments after prepayment are delivered in five days to Canada and Mexico, and seven days to the major cities in Europe and Asia using this method.

Here is the procedure.
(1) E-Mail me with the product(s) model number that you wish to purchase. Also, include your complete address so that I can accurately calculate shipping cost to your country. Don't forget to include a phone number and a valid e-mail just in case we have to contact you. I will E-Mail you back with the total. If this is OK E-Mail me back saying yes, I am ready to place an order. Then we will proceed to step 2.

Before we go on lets talk about forms of payment concerning International orders. Due to Credit card fraud (Blame the criminals) Audio Online Outlet can not accept International credit cards. The credit card verification system is not currently able to verify the cardholders billing information. Therefore, we do not get a gauranteed approval.
Note:For the purpose of accepting credit cards Canadian customers are not considered international since there verification database is linked with the United States.
We will gladly accept credit cards issued in Canada most of the time. However, we will only ship to the billing address.

(2) The following forms of payment are accepted.
Bank wire is by far the quickest and easiest in most cases way to pay for an International order. If you are going to Pay for your order this way let me know this in your E-Mail so that I can supply you with the information your bank will need to transfer (wire) funds. Most banks do charge a fee for this.
The next method is a International Money order. This may be obtained through your bank, Post Office, or exchange offices. If at all possible purchase a money order that is Drawn from a US bank made out in US funds so it will only take days instead of weeks for funds to clear. We cannot ship your order untill funds are cleared.

Please Take note!
Most countries charge duties or other taxes for shipments going into there country. Be sure to check with customs before placing your order. You are responsible for all duties and taxes that apply to your order.

Also, many receivers do not work in many countries because the tuner frequency is different. The tuner frequency in the United States is as follows, 88.7,88.9,90.1,90.3, Etc. This is in .2 increments. If the frequency is different in your country most receivers will not work. However many receivers that are made by Jvc, Blaupunkt, some Clarion and a few others that are European Switchable will work just fine. If you have any questions about this send me some E-Mail.

(3)After your payment is received and cleared we will ship your order to the address you provided us in your e-mail.

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